Interrupting Cain

Last night I completed Diablo 3 in normal mode. I finished Act IV in a group of three, so it could have been due to the fact that we were tearing through everything, but the last Act felt like it was over in no time.

I didn’t buy Diablo 3 for its story, and I’m sure most people knew exactly what to expect from this game. It is about gearing up your character and slicing through mobs. It was great fun playing my Monk and trying to break my record for monsters killed with a single blow. I even enjoyed grouping with my husband and friends when serendipity struck and we happened to be at the same story point.

I still think the Lore audio bits that play are awesome. They are a nice way to deliver additional backstory without stopping the action. Many MMOs have some sort of Codex (Warhammer, Rift, & SWTOR come to mind) in which you can read to learn more about NPCs or the world. I always tell myself I will read these entries during downtime, but in truth that downtime never comes. I find it a bit sad that someone wrote all that content and yet it is very likely that only a few people read it. These audio files solve that problem, with one caveat.

Many times I would find a lore book on the ground and start playing it, only they would appear at very inconvenient times. The book would drop right before the conclusion of my current quest, in which an NPC would pop in and rudely interrupt the audio clip. You can go into your journal and start playing the clip again, but I found that too cumbersome during times that I was grouped and we kept plowing on. It made me wonder why the developers didn’t time the finding of these books (or the clips that play when you fight a certain monster type) better.

After finishing Act IV, you can hop back into the game after the credits roll which you will most likely do to identify your loot. You get plopped back into Tristram to start all over. I need some way to process the dissonance, so I will pretend my character had their memory wiped and was just sent back in time.

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  1. Skron says:

    I found the lore suprisingly pleasant as well. I didn’t expect Diablo III to have a good story. But it did, or at least better than it’s predecessors. The audio clips expanded the lore, the cutscenes presented the plot well, and even the followers have more life to them now.

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