A Light in Dark Places

I’m feeling a bit melancholy today. Most likely it is due to having a nice, long weekend of relaxation only to be confronted with the grim reality of my workplace today. Back to the grind as it were. On top of that, I’ve just read up on the layoffs at Bioware and 38 Studios, and it seems our little MMO world is crashing down around us.
After the colossal mess that occurred with 38 Studios and taxpayer funded loans, I do agree with Scott Jennings that this is going to scare off potential future investments in the industry.

I think about the games to be released this year and the mounting pressure building up on them to succeed. The Secret World is releasing first assuming it doesn’t get further delayed, but I still believe TSW will attract a smaller audience from the beginning. It doesn’t get the same level of buzz and excitement that Guild Wars 2 is getting right now. Already there are strong communities, fansites, blogs and podcasts forming around GW2.

I have something to be positive about today and that was the announcement of the next GW2 weekend beta. The community will get to test Arenanet’s mettle, and find out if they truly did fix the issues identified in the first round. If we log in to find stable servers, less lag in highly populated areas, and parties that stay together when zoning it will be a success. I am perfectly OK with them fixing those types of issues before opening up Asura and Sylvari races to us.

These beta weekends give us just a small taste, revealing a bit more each time before turning off the light. I have not played an MMO regularly since March. I’m like a moth flying in the dark, getting ever closer to the lamp in the distance and hoping to find a warm spot on the glass.

3 comments on “A Light in Dark Places

  1. MMOPlayer says:

    Just wanted to drop a note to show some appreciation for your Blog. Since I categorize myself as an introvert, the name of the blog certainly appeals.

    This particular post is interesting because, as you, I’m also reading up about newer MMO’s and those upcoming and soon to be released.

    GW2 has already been prepurchased and I’m looking forward to playing a little in the upcoming beta weekend event. I don’t much care to delve too much into GW2 simply because I prefer to play a game that’s more polished and closer to release. I don’t believe GW2 is going to be released in the next 3 months, personally.

    Tera is out now I believe and I’m not sure if you’ve tried that particular MMO. I haven’t but I’ve watched some youtube videos and it seems fun enough if you’re into the fantasy type theme. TSW isn’t something that I believe I’ll be trying out simply because I prefer a fantasy theme and it seems to real world.

    Now, I do play and subscribe to Rift and it’s quite enjoyable for me. So, if you’ve never tried it, it may be something to tide you over until GW2 comes out. Just a thought.

    Here’s to hoping to read more posts from ya in the future. I’ll stop by from time to time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment. I only tried Tera briefly during its open beta weekend. I probably didn’t play it long enough to really get the combat, because I didn’t find it as exciting as others who laud the combat. The quests of course were pretty boring and I’m not sure I can go back to reading text boxes, it would have to be a pretty spectacular game. I did play Rift back when it launched for a few months but quit soon after reaching max level. I would consider going back sometime and I heard about their upcoming expansion, but for now I’m pretty content to play Diablo 3 and wait on GW2.

  2. MMOPlayer says:

    I was surfing the blogs in my favorites yesterday and came across a post at Bio Breaks blog. That was the first ‘official’ news I’d heard about Rift’s expansion pack. And, to be completely honest, it does sound quite intriguing. Particularly about the housing. I remember back in the DAoC days, I had a house. The guild had a mansion. Never really thought that much about it because DAoC was my first MMO. Years later and after playing many other MMO’s, I realize how much I enjoyed my first house. Decorating it and upgrading it and stuff like that. Anyway, just sharing. Looking forward to the expansion pack for Rift and hope it’s as good as it looks on paper.

    Diablo 3 is also on my hard drive and I do play it from time to time as well. Mainly leveling up the witch doctor and he’s fun for sure. I’ve read about the Inferno mode on the forums and how folks are having a difficult time. But the game is less than a month old and I’m sure, in time, everyone will finish it in all modes. It’s a fun game, but certainly not a MMO. I enjoyed D2 and am enjoying D3 as well. I hope you are as well.

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