Embracing the knowledge gap

The topic of the day seems to be about accessible information and how it "kills" immersion. Without really consciously deciding, I have always taken an approach to new games of trying to solve things for myself first. Long tutorials annoy me, it is fine to give me some basics but for the most part I just want to jump into the game and play.

I have never read the descriptions of abilities that I have not earned yet. I like to be surprised by a new ability when I get one. Guild Wars 2’s unlocking of weapon skills is fun in that regard, and as soon as I have unlocked one weapon type I start searching for others I can equip.

If I come across a puzzle I try to solve it myself. Only after a certain number of tries and frustration really builds will I turn to the internet for an answer. I like puzzles to be intuitive, but not punishing.

I spend points in talent trees without really looking ahead at later abilities I can buy. This might make me an inefficient gamer, but there is always time to redo your builds or play with online build calculators at a later date.

The early days of leveling are all about exploration and about learning what your character can do. It is about pushing the limits and going in with little knowledge and expectations of what will happen. Usually on my first run through a new MMO I make a lot of mistakes. I might choose the wrong class for me or the wrong crafting skill. Even though my brain really wants to agonize and optimize by its nature, I try to ignore its screams. At some point all that sparkles will start to dull, but if that happens in a year or only a month’s time depends somewhat on how shallow or deep the game truly is, and somewhat on the player’s approach.

2 comments on “Embracing the knowledge gap

  1. Railer says:

    Very much agreed!

  2. Comptess says:

    Your approach to a new game sounds very similar to mine. It isn’t until I start playing group content (where others are relying on me) that I dig into the details and start playing smarter.

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